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LEVITUNTURI                   24.-25.1.2025

LEVITUNTURI                   24.-25.1.2025

LEVITUNTURI                   24.-25.1.2025

Pond Hockey
World Cup
24–25 January 2025.

Organized annually
low threshold
sports event.

as a place
Levitunturi, Finland.

200 team places
and approx. 1500 players.

event, participants
from several different countries.

Read the rules!

Pond Hockey World Cup rules

  • The matches of the tournament are played in a 3 vs. 3 format.

  • In the Fun Hockey series, it is also possible to play with mixed teams.

  • Team size max 9 players.

  • No goalkeepers

  • Game time 1x15 min of direct time. In overtime games, if the game is tied, overtime is played. Extra time is played until the decision is made

  • The puck may be raised to knee height.

  • Kick shots are prohibited

  • Tackle prohibited

  • There are no offsides in the game and scoring is allowed from the entire playing area.

  • Teams change "on the fly"

  • For fouls, the puck is awarded to the opponent and the own team must withdraw to its own half of the court. Bigger fouls lead to a penalty shot, which is executed by shooting from the center point into an empty goal.




  • Squash racket, skates, uniform and numbered jersey. We recommend wearing a helmet.


The best teams from the preliminary groups will find their way to the playoffs. 2 points are awarded for a match win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss. The size of the groups and the number of finalists are set according to the final number of teams in the event.


In the groups, the superiority of the teams in the event of a tie is decided as follows:


  1. The result of the mutual match

  2. Goal difference

  3. Goals scored

  4. Raffle

The players participating in the event are not insured on behalf of the organizer.

We reserve the right to make any changes



Pond Hockey World Cup

The Pond Hockey World Cup event will take place in Levi on January 24-25, 2025. 

The Pond Hockey World Cup is an ice hockey event for hobby teams and groups of friends, offering an entertaining experience. The event takes place on natural ice rinks near Levi's ski resort. The event village, located in the heart of Levi, ensures the well-being and enjoyment of players and stakeholders from morning until night!


The participation fee is 249€ per team.

Pond Hockey World Cup tournament

The PHWC is a sports event featuring ice hockey games played on outdoor in natural ice rinks. The tournament includes games suitable for players of all skill levels. The matches take place on ice rinks surrounded by snow boards, and the goals are set up in the pond hockey style, meaning no goaltenders are used.

The tournament spans two days, starting on Friday, January 24, with games kicking off at 12:00 PM. The event culminates with the crowning of champions on Saturday evening.

Accommodation from Levi

Levi also offers a wonderful setting for accommodation. A hotel and cottage accommodation are available. You can get to know the accommodations available during the Pond Hockey World Cup - If you have questions about accommodation, the sales of our partner Visit Levi will also help you: +358 16 639 3370

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